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Hello, This is to give an inkling into the art; I do for clients regarding Tarot, Astrology and Magickal Consultative Work
I am happy to of completed your reading from the little information provided a lot has come to light.
I personally use the Thoth Tarot Deck for this is the deck first gifted to myself by an old friend and I have studied and used this deck for practical purposes for twenty years. When I am doing a reading I take the cards in my left hand and my wand in my right hand and I invoke I A O which is a magickal formulae of Tipareth and H R U which is the proper magickal formulae of this aeon. And then the deck is shuffled in full.
There are no requirements for us to use reversals with this deck.
The spread which is the lay out of the cards will be as such: Card 1 will represent yourself this had been decided by myself by a interpretative understanding if the decan's by way of your astrological sun sign. Cards 2 and 3 are key to understanding the situation and your persona, (note here that the persona may well be how others perceive you or how you portray yourself to others). There is a specific sequence as to how I place the cards, thus on the upper left are cards 13, 9 and 5 and cards 4, 8, and 12 on the upper right. These will be interpreted from right to left and may be two potential paths for future guidance or if complimentary they are read fully from right to left. Should the cards on the right ever be in conflict with those on the left then the cards on the right would suggest the path you would follow should your life continue as it is, and as such the cards on your left suggest the alternative probability. Cards 6, 10 and 14 will assist you in any decision and give further psychological insight and implications, often they will reveal strengths of your own or others around you. Cards, 7, 11 and 15 show matters beyond your control e.g. unconscious forces, dreams, karma, destiny. So please sit comfortable, breath with me and take a step on the journey on the quest and listen to the words of a Wizard.
You are the Knight of Disks, (Card 1 you our hero and querent), For your sun is the 13 degree of Virgo. Your hair and eyes are dark and you gaze over fields fertile, you have been used to hard work and often you have put aside more intellectual personal leanings. for the sake of your career, you have steadfastness that sometimes seems to of plodded on this journey looking the horizon perhaps in hope of better things and patiently awaiting the works you have spent so long waiting to mature. Your recent years and circumstances have been those concerning the accumulation of material wealth not necessarily for your own ends, (Card 2 The 10 of Disks), indeed it seems likely that you have labored much in time hard work and loyalty to ensure your peers some considerable financial collateral. It is for this reason that much has dissatisfied you within the harsh world of the, "rat race". You are left there looking outwards wondering what have you gained from all these experiences. It is from this perspective that you are realizing another fruit of your life. That what works you have given has not ultimately served you in either a material or psychological level. Despite this you have investigated plodding on and continuing to play their games. Have you not truly gained the acumen through your life to do something better? You know you have! In other circumstances it would be you in the comfort of complete material wealth... Such is your mind confident in these matters it surprises you with the continues circumstances, (Card 3 Art), truly this is a most beautiful card, and is not wondrous that often this is how you are seen by others? Skilled in your craft, capable of reconciling opposites and making them fit nicely together. This is the face that you have worn the masque the suit of the world to be acknowledged and accepted, was it honest to yourself? For yes that was one skill in your bag of tricks and you look into that bag and know at least in your heart of hearts that you are capable. (Card 12 The Hermit) And here you are withdrawn from current events and there are times when it is more than wise to do so. You have sat back taken stock, looked deeply with introspection into your heart. You have looked around you seeking support and guidance and then as your eye has turned within that little spark of illumination has shown perhaps that after all the wins and losses you are the key to your own success for yourself and not for some shadowy man in a dusty boardroom. Is it not a sign here that your own element of earth once again comes to the fore. The Hermit himself is powerful in your own sun sign of Virgo.. Surely this is a worthy omen, and yet we cannot live in the ways of the world if we remain removed from it. (Card 8 Six of Disks) Again the taunt of material success is before you, what is it? For sure again the earth element here appears to shine. Is it not from the withdrawal of The Hermit that you have found your germ or seeds of a new idea? Yes, however with your past accomplishments you are ever so tempted to return to the path of the short term. The success that you would obtain again would only serve others! (Card 4 8 of Cups) Here should your path return to the cycle of the known, that is to keep doing what you have always done, it makes logic that the results of the past will continue to cycle. You could use your previous experiences to continue to provide success for others, yet in your own heart you would not be satisfied. Here the strong astrological influence of Saturn would surely drag back the foot that already is slow. Imagine if you will your own earthy yet fired element and pour all of these cups over the earth and the hot sticky mud that would be formed. There is an alternative. (Card 5 3 of Swords) And with all changes it does not come without a price. And to understand the message of this card will take more than your normal intellect. I will not bamboozle you here with the Qabalistic factors however I will attempt to say that while again Saturn bears a heavy influence on this card and its title is SORROW, it is not without solution. have you not wracked your mind for solutions? have you not let those nagging doubts of your own mind deter you from an alternative path. You know from your Hermit time of withdrawal there is a light of on idea deep inside that you have been working towards. Yet time after time the swords of air and intellect have held you back. The solution is this. Remove the maddening reason, let the mind give way to a consciousness higher than itself. In Sorrow itself there is a meditation like that which made the man called the Buddha realize his enlightenment. So, the unhappiness of lifes circumstances can be changed by your own higher mind. (Card 9 Sun) Every Man and Woman is a Star. What more positive and indication do we require that you are being guided to form your own destiny. Look at the image of the sun see the freedom expressed by the two dancing children is this not an emancipation, a liberation, the freedom to move at your own volition within the realms of the laws of this world. So should you go in your own direction under your own will what awaits...? Remember you need not, you can always return to the life of before, no doubt after a different fashion with the bitter taste left in your mouth. (Card 13 The Magus) As I sit here across from you now I raise an eyebrow, a half hidden smile plays across my mouth. Almost as if I look into your eyes their is a mirror of a flash of familiarization. Are you not seeing what I am seeing. Go now slowly walk to a mirror somewhere in your house. Bow your head a little and close your eyes. Again in an easy moment raise your head and look into that mirror, look into your own eye. And there you seen it that inner spark, that knowing that you can be the master of this quest. Now you understand. "The true self is the meaning of the true will: know thyself through thy way! calculate well the formula of your way! Create Freely; absorb joyously; divide intently; consolidate completely. Work thou, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, in and for Eternity" Crowley
So it would appear not only are the skills in your past bag prepared, you will have the WILL to use them.
If the above does not assist what more can we divine from your cards? (Card 14 The Moon) Certainly the choices remain yours and the changes will be voluntary and the change will be important. Here the pull of the mother moon on the waters of the unconscious mind are strong. Remember that often the darkest hour is just before the sun rises at dawn. (Card 10 7 of Cups) Here is the poisoned reminder of delusional success, those times when you may perhaps of supped at numerous cups of false pleasures in an attempt to convince yourself that life was all good, those times need to be left behind for the movement forward cannot continue or return to such moments of illusion. Well they can of course again that is your choice. Or perhaps, some temperance in the future a reminder as I said that what appeared once as gold was not your own. I know that you have had concerns over the well or ill dignified aspects of the cards, well any negative connotations are lessened as we turn the next card. (Card Six The Princess of Swords) The Earthy Part of Air , or the Earthy part of the intellect if you will. Perhaps this represents a part of your own minds capability to over come some of the less pleasing parts of the past, or perhaps there is a woman friend or otherwise who may assist you in doing so. Here the influence is one of definite dexterity and the wisdom and management of material affairs. So if this relates to your self so be it or if to another also so be it. This influence though also tends to be frivolous and cunning. So as the mist clears the reflection also clears and still we have a little to consider, many things can be changed by the will of mortal men, somethings will never change unless we ascend beyond the paradigms and prisons that we have allowed to surround us. (Card 7 The 8 of Wands) Assured as much in your past was part of a lifestyle there has since childhood been that part little used or explored as you would of liked. Yes there has been numerous challenges and difficult lessons to be overcome yet as you mature you begin to feel that those parts not used or expressed are feeling so much more comfortable. And this card always makes me feel so much better another personal favorite. Such is the nature of dreams that when they have not been satisfied they occur over and over. And now these energies are at bursting point they streak as multi-coloured lightening bolts across the sky. And use them you will, for you will need to for as I said there will always be that rational part of you that stops you dead in your tracks. (Card 11 9 of Swords) And this is that part that nagging doubt that makes you lay in your bed at night and worry. It is part of your nature this is your karma it was also written in the cosmos the very day you were born. Let not these moments of troubled mind turn against your own heart of that of others, for you are a person who likes perfection, yet life will not ever quite be perfect. Still the cruel aspects of this card can be put aside by the 8 of wands influence and that of the next card. At the positive this suggests a level of faithfulness and personal patience. (Card 15 2 of Wands) Is this your Destiny? In terms of your own energy I would say so. No longer under the influence of others free to act within your own will. Independent energy. Yes if that was a potent for a destiny then it is indeed a positive one. Of course there was always the prior alternative. The reading tells me you have know success. Yet something holds you back the challenges thrown at you. Especially in your youth. I took the liberty of looking a little further into your astrological chart. Some details of which are below. Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Kind Regards, Jonathan MacLean-Lambie Astrology
I have included 3 examples of the charts I currently provide. The two below are my own natal and aspects. I am also adept at Returns, Synastry & Transits etc
Your sun sign is Virgo. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Gemini, and your Moon is also in Gemini. Saturn sextile Saturn: Limited warranty Beginning of November 2011 until beginning of August 2012: This is a time of equilibrium and balance in your life, because now you have a pretty good idea of how to handle your own world. Events will run along more or less easily during this time. But it is important to note that it will not necessarily be an especially happy or peaceful time. Our lives are directed by our own demands much more than we realise, but very often those demands are unconscious. We would often be horrified if we knew what we are really trying to do. We try to protect ourselves and what we feel belongs to us from "threats" that often are not real threats according to adult criteria. Yet we structure our world according to them. This influence only guarantees that you will be successful in patterning your world. If you are very unhappy at this time, you had best get in touch with what you are really doing. This can be a time when you are successfully approaching your main conscious goals in life. Or it can be a time when you are being run largely by unconscious "programs," as if you were a computer. Usually you will experience a little of both of these effects. However, in the long run the positive possibilities are more useful to know about. Concerning the negative side of this influence, suffice it to say that the difficult and unsatisfactory aspects of your life that you are experiencing now require you to look into yourself more closely. At this time you are particularly good at working with other people. You are able to see your individuality and differentness in a way that makes it possible for you to work with others in a complementary way so that neither you nor they feel competitive. You can work just as well with people who are above you and with those at your own level. You approach your own goals methodically and practically, for you are not particularly idealistic at this point. You are much more concerned about how to achieve what you want in concrete practical terms. Use this time well, for it gives you the opportunity to lay a foundation that will protect you in the future. Saturn trine Ascendant: Gaining experience Mid November 2011 until end of August 2012: During this period of time you will establish yourself with respect to the rest of the world. People will come to know who you are and what you are doing. At the same time this influence indicates that you have reached a point of equilibrium at which your actions and behavior toward others are reliable and consistent. You will not feel like surprising people with sudden or unpredictable actions, nor will you want others to surprise you. Your whole objective is to reach the point where all your affairs are running smoothly and on schedule. Your approach is disciplined, well ordered and mature. About the only problem with this influence is that you find it difficult to make changes conservatively. And if that response is inappropriate to the situation, you will have difficulty. You are not very flexible, but that is not usually a great problem. At this time in your life, you are very concerned with gaining experience, particularly in your profession. You are likely to be ambitious and will work hard to get ahead and improve yourself. You will seek out people who can help you, and probably you will make very sure that you want to be fair and just, you don't want to be in debt to anyone. This is a time when self-sufficiency is very important to you. This is reflected in your relationships also. You are somewhat more reserved than usual and cautious about forming new relationships. Usually this is to the good, although if you are too cautious you may overlook persons who could assist you. Older, more experienced people attract you especially, because you know you can learn from them. A person who will play a very important role as your teacher may come into your life at this time. But don't expect him or her to necessarily conform to your preconceived image of a teacher. He or she may come from any area of your life, and you may not recognize what has happened until later. Neptune trine Jupiter: How the universe works Mid March 2012 until mid January 2014: This influence can affect you in several ways, but in any case it will make you feel optimistic and hopeful about the future. You will feel that everything is going to be all right, and that is not a delusion, because during this time you will gain insights that can make your life much better. You will feel very idealistic but also very concerned about understanding, so your idealism will not get in the way of perceiving the truth. In fact truth is very important in your life now - not so much facts, but understanding how the universe works. Just be careful not to make truth into such an abstract consideration that you cannot experience it in everyday life. However, given that warning, you do have the opportunity to gain insights through the study of philosophy, metaphysics and the occult. At another level, this influence works to increase your optimism and self-confidence to the point that you are willing to take risks you would not ordinarily take. This may happen through gambling or speculation, or it may happen through getting rid of the elements of your life that you have always depended on for security. You now recognize that they have also limited the expansion of your consciousness, and you want to be free to experience the world. You realize that some material considerations you have thought necessary in the past are now clearly expendable. You may decide to travel, particularly by sea or by air. However, the main purpose of this travel will be learning, not recreation. It would be best to take a long trip and get to know the land and people without the structure of a guided tour. You need and want direct experience. Your desire to help underdog elements of society is great at this time. You have a strong feeling of social justice, and you do not want people to get the short end of the stick. Justice, you feel, should be tempered with mercy and compassion. Jupiter trine Sun: A sense of humor 28 March 2012 until 6 April 2012: This is such a pleasant influence that you may be inclined to sit back, enjoy it and do nothing. However, this is really a very important time in your life because you can reach out into new areas of life and have new and rewarding experiences. Your creative potential is enormous at this time, and you can very easily accomplish a great deal that would be difficult at other times. Your inner energies are strong, and you are full of self-confidence and the feeling that you can do anything. This influence usually indicates good health and a feeling of well-being, although you may be inclined to put on weight if you are not careful. You may not feel inclined toward physical activity, but it would be a good idea to get some exercise. Make a particular effort to be outdoors. Hiking is a very beneficial activity at this time. If you are inclined to physical activity, especially athletics, don't take foolish risks through overconfidence. This influence tends to make you overestimate your energies. This is an excellent time for all financial matters. You will feel like making your surroundings appear more elegant, and you may spend quite a lot of money doing so. This is perfectly fine, and you should think positively in all ways, but don't let this concern with material acquisition blind you to some very real possibilities for inner growth. Travel, either physically or mentally, often accompanies this influence. Take this time to broaden your understanding of the world around you. You have a strong interest in ideas that are different from what you normally know and encounter, and you are much more tolerant of different ways of living. Even people's usually irritating traits do not bother you at this time. Also your sense of humor is much greater than usual, and you can appreciate the dance of life in all its glory. Jupiter opposition Neptune: Wrapped up Mid August 2012 until mid April 2013: During this time it is often difficult to keep the real and the ideal sorted out. This is an extremely spiritual influence, which may make the real world seem inadequate to you, causing you to seek an escape into a more ideal and perfect "reality." Normally this escape is not through drugs or alcohol, but if you have a predisposition toward them, it could work out that way. Usually, this influence indicates a mental state in which you become wrapped up in all manner of abstract speculations or high ideals that are difficult to actualize. On another level, this influence may tempt you to become involved in unrealistic schemes that you could only believe if blinded by extreme optimism. You may want to gamble and take risks with your resources, and if you are not careful, wild speculations and gambling could leave you bankrupt. Oddly enough, some people are so geared that they can handle the gambling aspect of this influence very well and make seemingly wild investments pan out. Usually these people have a talent for calculating the risks, however. Remember that there is a difference between amateur and professional gamblers. The main point here is that if you are tempted to get into some investment scheme, make sure that it is within your area of personal expertise. Under certain circumstances this influence can signify the beginning of a very idealistic kind of relationship, one in which you look to your partner as a kind of god or spiritual guide. This may or may not be an accurate picture. You must be careful here also, because you could idealize a person beyond all reason, even when she does not want you to do so. And of course, you too could be the victim of an outright deception. Be careful to deal with people as they really are, by accepting them as they are and not demanding that they conform to an ideal in your mind. Jupiter square Sun: A matter of self-control Mid August 2012 until mid April 2013: This can be an excellent time, but you must watch out for some pitfalls that could undo all the benefits. Basically this influence is a test of your discipline and self-restraint. If you are not a restrained person, you will react to this influence by going overboard in some way, overextending yourself or living in a fool's paradise where you think nothing can go wrong. Or you might squander a valuable resource, only to find on another day that you do not have enough of what you need. Sometimes there is a feeling that luck will provide everything that you need without any effort on your part, but this, too, is a false notion. But this time can also provide a chance for real growth and expanded opportunities. It is a matter of how much control you have over yourself. You have to know precisely where you are and what your real needs are in order to take the most advantage of this time. You also have to know when you can't handle anything more. Knowing when to stop is the real trick. Sometimes this influence encourages ego inflation and excessive pride. Be careful not to act in an overbearing manner, for you will set people in motion who will try to knock you down a peg or two. Here too, you must know where to stop. Under certain conditions this influence can trigger conflict with the law or with someone else in a court of law. You may or may not lose, but don't act the role of outraged honor and dignity. Try to find out exactly what the problem is and arrive at a solution that is satisfactory to all. - Forecast March 2012 to August 2012 for born on 6 September 1977 local time 12:00 midn. in Tegucigalpa, HON U.T. 06:00 87w13, 14n06 sid. time 23:12:00 Planetary positions planet sign degree motion Sun Virgo 13°32'01 in house 3 direct Moon Gemini 20°32'53 in house 12 direct Mercury Virgo 11°35'05 in house 3 retrograde Venus Leo 10°14'57 in house 2 direct Mars Cancer 3°12'42 in house 1 direct Jupiter Cancer 2°35'10 in house 1 direct Saturn Leo 23°25'31 in house 3 direct Uranus Scorpio 8°49'08 in house 5 direct Neptune Sagittarius 13°24'29 in house 6 direct Pluto Libra 12°54'01 in house 4 direct True Node Libra 15°44'28 in house 4 retrograde House positions (Placidus) Ascendant Gemini 24°41'45 2nd House Cancer 20°12'57 3rd House Leo 16°54'20 Imum Coeli Virgo 16°57'29 5th House Libra 20°12'56 6th House Scorpio 23°38'01 Descendant Sagittarius 24°41'45 8th House Capricorn 20°12'57 9th House Aquarius 16°54'20 Medium Coeli Pisces 16°57'29 11th House Aries 20°12'56 12th House Taurus 23°38'01 Transits Saturn sextile Saturn Beginning of November 2011 until beginning of August 2012 Saturn trine Ascendant Mid November 2011 until end of August 2012 Neptune trine Jupiter Mid March 2012 until mid January 2014 Jupiter trine Sun 28 March 2012 until 6 April 2012 Jupiter opposition Neptune Mid August 2012 until mid April 2013 Jupiter square Sun Mid August 2012 until mid April 2013 The Grand Cross in a birth chart symbolizes the person’s challenges and frustrations, his feelings of being ‘blocked’, your determination, and your success or failure. Many people are fascinated in horoscope reading and what their birth chart tell them about their personalities, about their lives, and love. Some people may find that they have a ‘Grand Cross’ configuration when they read their birth chart. The Grand Cross, also called the Grand Square in a birth chart, is a configuration made up of four planetary bodies forming a square or a big box with two pair of planets opposite each other. The intersecting points of the planets form a big ‘X’ in the middle of the birth chart, thus it was named as the Grand Cross or Grand Square. Your birth chart shows six Grand Cross's in it, here’s what it means: Challenges and frustrations The cross as shown in the center of the birth chart symbolizes that the planets involved are somewhat counteracting or opposing each other. This means that there will be lots of challenges that will come to a person with a Grand Cross on his birth chart. Sometimes these challenges come all together which is difficult to solve and may put into the test the person’s character. The Grand Cross also means the person’s feeling of frustration from the constant challenges in which he only have very limited options to solve them. Feeling of being ‘blocked’ The feeling of being blocked is represented in the configuration wherein the Grand Cross is surrounded by walls, which most likely forms the square in the birth chart. The formation can symbolizes stress and tension and can generate the feeling of insecurity. But it all depends on the person’s perspective if he looks at the square as a hindrance for resolutions or of freedom, or just mere challenges. Determination Having a Grand Cross in a birth chart may bring burden to a person especially at times when challenges or problems arise mostly together in the same time. These challenges affect different areas of a person’s life which are rather very difficult for a person to cope up with. But all of these will only test the person’s determination to solve these problems. He will eventually learn that these challenges will bring him personal growth and power, and develop in him solutions to bring him back to a state in his life where peace and harmony reigns. Success or failure in life With all the challenges and the frustrations from constantly dealing with them, the person with a Grand Cross on his birth chart will choose wherever path you will take. You may either benefit from your experiences and solve the challenges, or you may just give up the fight and regret this action for the rest of his life. T Squares you have 15 of these, This type of configuration occurs when two planets oppose each other and both are squared by a third planet. The T-square is a difficult combination of aspects as it indicates the need to overcome many obstacles, but at the same time, it produces a strong driving ambition to do so. The tension and awareness created by the two planets in opposition must be resolved by the planet receiving the double square. This third planet becomes a focal point of much importance in your chart.The T-square causes a lot of difficulty in the life but they also spark action and the drive necessary to achieve. Living with the demands of a T-square can be very challenging, but when the energy of this configuration is well-directed by a mature individual, it often leads to significant accomplishments. The T-square is an impetus to success that many famous people have. I have noted that Pholus the Asteroid is the most prevalent factor in these configurations. Pholus. Accordingly, this group of small asteroids is known as "The Centaurs". Apart from the Centaurs, another small planet was discovered in the area around and beyond Pluto, and beyond this, a new, great belt of small asteroids, probably consisting of more objects than the main belt, between Mars and Jupiter. Probably, Pluto himself should be considered a member of this group, in spite of being much bigger than the rest. The outer extremes of Pholus' path cross the orbits of both Saturn and Neptune. Just as Chiron is considered an astrological key to Saturn and Uranus, so Pholus is a key to Neptune. His average distance from the Sun is a little greater than that of Uranus, a complete revolution takes 92 years. In myth, Pholus guards the centaurs' vines, the wine from these being the actual cause for the battle between Hercules and the Centaurs. Like Chiron, Pholus becomes embroiled in the battle by chance, and dies due to a tragic coincidence - while curiously inspecting one of Hercules' poisoned arrows, he is mortally wounded. According to first astrological observations, Pholus gives unusual ability in a particular area, or unexpected results, due to a gift for experiment. Pholus' transits over the main axes of a chart, often mark radical and unexpected change, hinted at by his sudden and unexpected death in the myth. Awakening borderline(-situations, in double sense) scaling the unconscious takes control freeing, release facing lacks, undeveloped aspects euphoric feelings unstable and new (sometimes dangerous) situations, difficult to deal with intensity, intensifier to be spurred on to "stumble" in new situations It is said of Pholus that "He intensifies very strong, brings you to your limits, raises a strong urge for growing (but often very spontaneously and unconscious), when at the same time you feel a lack of inner possibilities to grow in that specific area. Therefore you live in a very unstable 'borderline' situation, where you tend to do things impulsive (to cross the border) or you don't do anything at all, because you feel an inner blockade." I sense that the large impact of Pholus and it's influence will make great sense to you.


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