The Magic Square

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Black charcoal
My heart
Another burned molecule in that which is already burned
It's face turns away,

It =

It breaks or has already has broken

And yet this feeble mind attempts to retain the silky web that has amassed

And the chords push out a funeral tomb a tune. Too worthy of my demise which truly occurred earlier this month

There was a LVX & PAX HELD

MY Heart and Mind Maintained for so long only to hear it snap.

And inside it drips like a bleeding effigy of a former self. A misguided foolishness that knows it's self complete

To fall into the arms of the beloved and there again find peace. Until a memory of sound ripens and pops a synaptic connection that flares across the vista of the mind like a dying star of sympathetic beauty. A reflective pool of darkness.

To wade and to wallow like a beast yet unconnected or free from those wrinkled and scaled ancestors that still to this day feed upon the souls of man as the same man feeds upon the yolk of the rising black sun of his own false superiority.

And a sharp dagger of the master carver cuts silhouettes around a heart and whispers of hatreds crackle made bitter.

And I lay back close my eyes and let this mass of matter flow around me and here the moment is choice between letting it digest me or to ward further until an exhausted fitful sleep allows illusionary escape.


Location:Glasgow,United Kingdom

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Maybe that I leave this zero
That I leave this nothingness
This void
This vacuum
A space within a space

Not to return
Not yet
It is too soon
For what is left to be

To return to What?

An echo
A pulse
A whisper
A spark
A flame
An inferno
A speck
A mote
A particle

No baby I think your grasp of evil is far more acute than I.


Location:Cairndow Ave,Glasgow,United Kingdom