The Magic Square

Friday, 1 April 2011


In visions

So excited in visions ISIS

Words rush from me as like to an old fountain or babbled stream. Yet with her kisses I am silenced.

I behold my ISIS My sweet removes the duality, it is you who sees through me.

And in silence I abandon deep to the heart to find you already there waiting wearing only a smile light and shadow. Space & Stars.

In moments of disconnection, isolation that the warmest fire cannot warm, even a summers day can chill and cover my skin with frost.

On midwinters nights naked I have gazed up beyond the Royal Arch of Nuit and all senses empty and fill the expanse.

Her distant touch is enough to melt me. Listen and Feel her song. You breath in me. Even when drowning in the ocean of emotion I am thirsty for this Muse.

Infinite Space Infinite Stars is the Source of every word.

Jonathan MacLean-Lambie
© 2011

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Location:Glasgow,United Kingdom